News and Updates (1/27/17 updates)

Happy New Year to you all!

May you all experience many miracles of God in everything you do throughout the year. Amen.


+ + +Here is the definite worship service schedule for the season of Lent and Easter:

*Ash Wednesday Service                              March 1st @7:30 p.m. @St Paul’s UMC, Elgin

*Ecumenical Good Friday Service              April 14th @7:30 p.m. @Elgin Lutheran Church, Elgin

*Ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service          April 16th @6:30 a.m. @St Paul’s UMC, Elgin

*Easter Celebration & Praising Service     April 16th @8:45 a.m. @St Paul’s UMC, Elgin


+ + +Here are three special mission projects that we support with our generosity and prayers.

We pray that you may join the effort at any time and any possible occasions

with your generosity and prayers:

*Heifer International Project – Special Offering on 1st Sunday of each month

*February Short Term Project: School Supply Drive for local Valley School

                                                      February 12 and February 19 are the designated

collecting/dropping off goods days

*School Supply Drive for North Fayette Valley Schools in early August – We will collect and distribute school supply to students as they register their enrollment for the new school year. Detailed school supply will be informed when they are available.